Sunday, December 26, 2010

Worst Commercials of 2010

Worst Commercials of 2010


Anonymous said...

I've gotta say, some excellent (i.e. horrible) choices there. GEICO has some really good ads but the squealing pig one sucks, and the Quiznos with the cats is beyond belief. The idea that someone paid somebody to come up with that, made it and put it on the air is nearly beyond all credibility.


Deb said...

I hate, hate, hate those State Farm commercials where the catch-phrase, "Like a good neighbor/State Farm is there" is used by the policy holders to summon up things like hot tubs or Bob Barker(??). The worst one is features an African-American couple who use the phrase to turn each other into a "hot" boyfriend/girlfriend; it includes the awful cliche of the nagging black wife/girlfriend. Just dreadful.

Dwight Brown said...

I've managed to miss the Quiznos ads, as well as the ExtenZe one. (They're still selling that stuff? I thought the FTC had sued them for fraud.)

I agree with Deb, too, about the State Farm commercial (the only one I've seen is the one she specifically mentions).

However, the worst commercial of the year is clearly the Microsoft one with the woman trying to take a family photo. "To the cloud!" Yeah, look at her eyes; you know one day she's going to stab her husband, poison the kids, burn the house down, and flee the country.

"Microsoft gives the family I've always wanted." If you're relying on Microsoft for that, honey, please seek professional help now.