Friday, December 31, 2010

Mystery Scene Update from Kate Stine

Hi everyone,

Mystery Scene Magazine now has a Wikipedia entry. Contributors names are linked to their Wikipedia entries or websites. Feel free to correct any mistakes or add information. Many of you don't have pages set up at Wikipedia and now's as good a time as any to create one.

Charity Fundraiser: Mystery Scene will donate $1 to Reading is Fundamental for every new Twitter follower through December 31. $100+ raised so far! Please help spread the word.

If you're on Facebook or have a Twitter account, make sure we know about it. We'll make your FB page a "Favorite" of Mystery Scene Magazine Page. MS will also follow you on Twitter and include you on the "MS Contributors" List.

The holiday lull is a good time for various housekeeping tasks. For one, please make sure your bio at the MS website's "Our Contributors" Page is up to date.

Brian and I wish you all a wonderful 2011!


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