Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Am So Out of the Loop

Elle Fanning, Rooney Mara, Chloe Moretz: Rising Stars of 2011 - The Daily Beast: "There year has barely begun, but there is already a group of up-and-comers. From Elle Fanning in Super 8 to Rooney Mara in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, see pictures of the ones to watch 2011."


Anonymous said...

Last week there was a piece on AOL about the "hottest" star of 2010 and - I swear I am not making this up - I had literally never heard of the guy. He had - apparently - been in one or two crappy things, had one or two in the works and about half a dozen his "name was attached to" (whatever that means), most of which seemed to be remakes of crappy 80s films or comic book adaptations.


And stay off my damn lawn, whippersnappers.


Fred Blosser said...

Seems like the shelf life of "hot new stars" is getting shorter and shorter. I saw Ellen Page on a TV commercial yesterday.