Monday, December 27, 2010

Archaeology Update

Researchers: Ancient human remains found in Israel: "Israeli archaeologists say they may have found the earliest evidence yet for the existence of modern man.

A Tel Aviv University team excavating a cave in central Israel said Monday they found teeth about 400,000 years old. The earliest Homo sapiens remains found until now are half that old.

Archaeologist Avi Gopher said Monday further research is needed to solidify the claim. If it does, he says, 'this changes the whole picture of evolution.'"


Clare2e said...

I am fascinated by all things archaeological, and it's interesting to have another piece of evidence under scholarly review that makes the case for ancient humans physiologically very much like we are today. It's a can of worms, but an intriguing one!

Gerard Saylor said...

I'll bet Gopher is one heck of an excavator.