Saturday, April 03, 2010

Six of the Saddest Movies Ever Made

Six of the Saddest Movies Ever Made | Screen | Philadelphia Weekly


Todd Mason said...

Six more:

PONETTE. So sad and down on its child protagonist that it might make you angry, as it did me when I first saw it, till the last ten minutes. Still can't think of the orphaned Ponette lashing out verbally at her tormentors going on about that status with "You wouldn't say that if my mother was here!" without a little catch...even in full appreciation of the (rather cruel) humor of the moment.

2. ON THE BEACH. An easy citation, perhaps, but still.

3. THE RAPTURE. So what if it were all true? What right, indeed?

4. ONIBABA. The best ending of any horror film I can recall is also the saddest. Perhaps necessarily.

5. LAST NIGHT. The Canadian world-ending film has its share of problems, but still punches hard on what it most cares about you feeling. Sandra Oh never better.

6. Interesting to me that all the examples that come to mind are at least slightly fantasticated. One excellent, relatively fantastication-free portrait of personal hell that I've seen in the last year is PAPER COVERS ROCK.

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Cap'n Bob Napier said...

The Yearling

Gar Haywood said...


'Nuff said.