Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neal Barrett, Jr. Update

No Fear of the Future: "COCO BEACH, FLA. – Neal Barrett, Jr., author of The Hereafter Gang, named by the Washington Post as “one of the great American novels,” and Interstate Dreams, recognized as an award-winner by the Texas Institute of Letters, will be honored as Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America for the 2010 Nebula Awards Weekend in Coco Beach, Fla."

Hat tip to Scott Cupp.


Todd Mason said...

Or insulted. When the hell are they going to drop Emeritus from the title of that "honor"? Particularly for those folks who haven't retired.

Even if they distinguised it from the Grand Master award with a simple "Master" designation, that would be an improvement, and apparently what they're clumsily getting at.

Barrett deserves more, as have most if not all the previous recipients.

Bill Crider said...

I agree about the name of the honor. It's kind of dumb. But it's about time Neal got the recognition.