Saturday, April 03, 2010

'The Breakfast Club Musical'

'The Breakfast Club Musical', and Other John Hughes Projects - Speakeasy - WSJ: "“The Breakfast Club Musical”: “I remember watching the film in college and thinking it should’ve been a musical all along,” said Jason Geis, writer and director of the “The Breakfast Club Musical,” which is based on the 1985 film about a group of high school students serving weekend detention. The 90-minute, two-act show, which runs through April 29 at StudioBE Theater in Chicago, features original songs like “Detention” and “Clubs and Activities” that mirror the film’s plot but aren’t mired in the decade from which it originated."


Ed Gorman said...

Funny I had the same reaction when I was watching `Platoon.' This shoulda been a musical, I sez to myself.

Bill Crider said...

This is genius, Ed. I'll write the book, you write the music, and we'll pitch it!