Friday, April 02, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Man's lawsuit alleges he found rat's head in beer | Facebook | - Houston Chronicle: "After a hard day's work on his Crystal Beach beach home, Everett Johnston just wanted a cool beer.

He grabbed a Tecate Light out of his fridge and began to sip. But, Johnston said, something didn't taste quite right. He said his wife looked in the bottle and noticed a rat's head floating inside.

Johnston filed a lawsuit recently in Galveston County against FEMSA Cerveza (CCM), the Mexican maker of Tecate, and Heineken, which distributes the beer in the United States, among other defendants. He's citing the severe psychological damage he says he has sustained."


Jerry House said...

Tecate Light -- Now With Added Protein!

Karin M said...

Did you know about this Canadian case?

Karin M said...

This Canadian "fly in the water" case, that is.

Bill Crider said...

Haven't heard about that one. I remember the song about the old woman who swallowed a fly, though.