Thursday, April 01, 2010

Revenge of the Carp

Revenge of the carp: Fish hunted by woman armed with bow and arrow leaps out of the water to smack her in the face | Mail Online: "A carp hunted by a woman armed with a bow and arrow has got his own back – by delivering a well-aimed slap to the face of his pursuer.

The bizarre shot was caught on the reservoirs of the Illinois River, where the population of Asian carp, an invasive species, has exploded.

The fish, who have habit of jumping out of the water when boats approach, are regarded as a nuisance, which has led to the sport of hunting them."

Photo at link.
Hat tip to Art Scott, who would never play an April Fool's Day joke, would he?


Anonymous said...

What did I read that as "Revenge of the Crap"?

And speaking of April Fool's jokes, I kind of liked this one.


Bill Crider said...

Not bad!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just feed you the links; I don't manufacture the stories! I can't vouch for this particular bowhunting incident, but a bit of googling will confirm that Asian (Flying) Carp are in fact an invasive species in the Great Lakes region, that they leap out of the water, and that there are numerous documented incidents of carp-smacks-boater.
Art Scott, crusading carp journalist

Bill Crider said...

I believe the story. I'm not sure I believe the picture, though.