Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Comment Department

Warner Bros Turning Leonardo Da Vinci into an Action Hero? | /Film: "After the success of Guy Ritchie’s reinvention of Sherlock Holmes, it seems like Warner Bros is digging through the archives for old properties or historical figures that could use a Hollywood tentpole revamp. In recent weeks the studio has announced a big screen adaptation of the popular arcade video game Space Invaders, a Guy Ritchie-directed Star Wars-like version of Arthur’s Excalibur scripted by Warren Ellis, a big screen remake of the 1960’s television series Gilligans Island from the producer of The Dark Knight, an action/adventure take on Marco Polo directed by I Am Legend helmer Francis Lawrence, and an action/sexified adaptation of The Three Musketeers from the producer of Sherlock Holmes.

And tonight it was revealed that WB is looking to turn famed Italian artist/inventor/engineer/architect Leonardo Da Vinci into an action/adventure hero. The treatment was penned by producer Adrian Askarieh. The studio is searching for a screenwriter to turn the idea into a fleshed out screenplay."


Toby O'B said...

In a way, I find it intriguing - steampunk before there were steam engines.

I can't shake the image of the hologram of Leonardo daVinci (John Rhys Davies) in his flying contraption on 'Star Trek: Voyager'......

Donna said...

They already did that with DaVinci back in 1993, with ludicrous results-- Quest of the Delta Knights.

Why don't they move ahead with The Destroyer movie, instead of movie versions of Pong and Hello Larry.

Dan said...

I can just see the trailer promo now:
"In a world everyone thought was the stationary center of the universe..."