Friday, March 12, 2010

Book-o-Mat in Color

Hat tip to Art Scott.


bowdler said...

Fascinating - have never seen a picture of the Book-o-Mart. Is this a booklet? I know American Book Vending Corporation developed these and they were rolled out in last half of 1949, Do you know how long they lasted? Are there any still surviving?

Bill Crider said...

The entry for March 12 has all the info that I know. I have no idea where the photos came from. One was sent to me, and one was in a magazine that I reprinted.

rtr said...

The image was pulled from a late-'40s photograph (i've seen it dated at 1947 and 1949). Here's a link: I just posted a blog item about the resurgence of book vending machines in the early '60s at