Monday, August 10, 2009

West Side Story Was Never Like This

Gang attacks lad with 4ft python | The Sun |News: "A BOY was recovering yesterday after being held down by a gang of yobs and bitten by a terrifying new weapon - a SNAKE.

The 4ft-long green reptile sank its fangs into the 14-year-old's right arm, leaving two deep puncture marks.

The helpless lad had been pinned to the ground in a park by his tormentors, who also made racist comments. They then ran off, leaving him shaking with fear."


Fred Blosser said...

"Yobs"? It that British for, like, gang-bangers?

The article seemed somehow, I dunno, more polite than similar fare in U.S. papers. Could almost picture the reporter saying, "I beg your pardon, gentlemen, but would you mind terribly if we described you as a 'gang of yobs'?",

Unknown said...

There will always be an England.