Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Thanks to Todd Mason for this link to Barack Obama's senior yearbook entry. No yet word on whether "the choom gang" will be appointed to cabinet posts.


Anonymous said...

I never met "Barry" since I began school in Honolulu as a sophomore, the academic year after he was graduated. I'd done my previous three years (of minimum security time, with night release, aka grades 7-9) in New Hampshire, in the Boston suburbs, where, as in Hawaii, pot (or pakalolo) was easier to get (on the cusp of the '80s) than liquor, and smoking pot much easier and more likely than engaging in sexual activity...the otherwise unextraordinary sitcom THAT '70S SHOW certain has gotten that aspect of adolescence then right (though my NH schoolmates assured me that that must be a lot easier in Hawaii than in puritan New England...perhaps, but Hawaii was certainly Americanized in the 1800s by New England puritans). No idea who might've been in BO's Choom Gang, but I might well've known some of the underclasspeople.

Unknown said...

We await your tell-all book. You can call it a "memoir."