Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stark House February Book

I really like Sid Fleischman's books for children and young adults. They've won just about every award there is, but I'd been reading them for quite a while before I found out that Sid Fleischman was the A. S. Fleischman who'd written for Gold Medal more than 50 years ago (he's still writing; visit his website). Now Stark House has made it easy for you to own a couple of the great old Gold Medal books, with new introductions by Steve Lewis and Fleischman himself. Read a page of either Look Behind You, Lady or The Venetian Blonde, and you'll be hooked. Check 'em out.

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Juri said...

They are pretty good thrillers. Noirish in tone, but not in content. The Stark House cover is bland, though. There should be swell and angry babes swinging guns at the baffled hero.