Friday, January 26, 2007

I Say We Hang 'em

Girls charged with conspiring to kill classmates, Oprah - "CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) -- Six girls at a rural high school were charged with homicide conspiracy after their principal found a list of 300 names and officials discovered online postings suggesting they kill people, authorities said Thursday.

School officials said the list, discovered in a classroom trash can, mostly named students and faculty members but also included Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and the Energizer Bunny.

Sequatchie County High School Principal Tommy Layne said that he initially considered it a joke, but that authorities then found the ninth-graders' online MySpace pages and postings that included the word 'kill.'

'In general terms, it was like, 'Let's kill these people,' ' Dunlap Police Chief Clint Huth said. He declined to provide the specific wording on the posting, which has been removed."


Todd Mason said...

I think that posting their names on a list online might be an appropriate eye for an eye in this War on Terror!

Also, had the girls listed dreamy fellow students online, I'm sure arranged marriages could've been effected.

Just needs a good administrato. I mean, what else does blog hero Ken Corley have to occupy his time, now, with the death of his dream?

Bill Crider said...

Mr. Corley's dream died fast.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Biker #2: I say we kill him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Biker #3: I say we hang him, then we kill him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Biker #4: I say we scalp him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Biker #4: Then we tattoo him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Biker #4: Then we hang him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Biker #4: And then we kill him!
Biker Gang: [shouts] Yeah!
Pee-wee: [trying to throw voice without moving lips] I say we let him go.
Biker Gang: [shouts] No!
Biker Mama: [whistles] I say you let me have him first
Biker Gang: Yeah!

Bill Crider said...

Somebody's seen a certain movie way too many times.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Too bad they couldn't have waited until after they'd killed Cruise before busting them.

Bill Crider said...

I knew you'd say that, Cap'n. I put this on the blog especially for you.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I'm too easy.