Thursday, January 25, 2007

E. Howard Hunt Redux

Mark Coggins points out that Hunt knew his Chandler.

Riordan's Desk: E. Howard Hunt and Raymond Chandler: "Steve Lewis, Bill Crider and J. Kingston Pierce at the Rap Sheet have pointed out that recently deceased Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt was also a spy novelist.

What may be less generally known is that Hunt and Raymond Chandler once corresponded. In 1952, Chandler wrote a two page letter in response to--of all things--charges from Hunt of ethical violations of 'self-plagiarism.' Hunt had written to complain that several of Chandler's 1930s Black Mask short stories, anthologized in the 1952 collection The Simple Art of Murder, had been the cannibalized to provide the plot lines for his first four novels."

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