Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Lightning Thief -- Rick Riordan

Suppose the Greek gods were real. Now suppose that they're still around. (They're gods, after all.) Wouldn't they be up to their usual shenanigans, fooling around with mortals and leaving a few offspring behind, and wouldn't those offspring be demi-gods like the heroes of old? Sure they would, and one of them is Perseus "Percy" Jackson, whose discover of his parenthood and of a conspiracy against the immortals is the story that unfolds in The Lightning Thief.

This is a YA novel, but I've said before that some of the best writing around is in YA novels. Here's another cas in point. Rick Riordan is a much-lauded writer of mysteries for adults (and deservedly so), but this book has won more awards than all his mysteries put together. If you're looking for action, adventure, great characters, and a few laughs, not to mention a fine short course in Greek mythology, look no further. This is a book that kids and their parents can both enjoy, and it should give the Harry Potter novels a run for their money. The movie will be out next year, and the Percy Jackson books will no doubt be launched into the stratosphere, if they aren't already there.

I'm a little late to the party, since book two is already out, with book three coming along in May, but you can bet I'll be catching up. Check 'em out for yourselves.


Allan Rast said...

Rick reminds me of you, Bill. He has been an English teacher in past life. Since his character, Tres Navarre, is not as laid back as Sheriff Dan I figured Rick would be the same. Not so, a very pleasant person. He has appeared at the mystery bookstore, Remember The Alibi, here in San Antonio two or three times (that I've been there).

I used to work with his mother some when I was with the school district.

He talked about his new series for children but I haven't looked at it since my youngest is now 31.

Bill Crider said...

Rick is now a lot richer than I'll ever be, thanks to the children's books. And he is indeed one of the nicest guys in the writing game.