Sunday, January 21, 2007

Call for Submissions at Hardluck Stories

Hardluck Stories is opening up submissions for a special Stephen Colbert "truthiness" issue. The guidelines are posted on the Hardluckstories website.

The ploy is that someone on Colbert Nation's staff sees this and that Colbert uses this as part of his shtick and mentions Hardluck on the air. Dave Zeltserman is going to be investing some money in this-both putting out press releases in announcing submissions and when the issue is published. As far as the guidelines--opening up the story to plots involving "truthiness" really opens this up to any true noir story since self-deception can be such a powerful part of a true noir story.

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Todd Mason said...

Well, the new COLBERT REPORT (not COLBERT NATION) neologism is Freem, which followed Lincolnish, which followed Truthiness. Dave Z has to keep up, if he's to get the rebound plug. Also, of course, Colbert is spinning out his own serial HEAVY METALesque animation, so adding a little cod skiffy to the mix, or asking the REPORT folks for a passage from his noexistent technothriller, which he occasionally holds up on the series, probably couldn't hurt...