Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Charles Lane!

I missed this one on Friday. I found out today on That Little Round-Headed Boy. I remember Charles Lane mostly from TV, and he was on hundreds (literally) of shows. Most people recall him from It's a Wonderful Life, I suppose, and I hope his own has as been as wonderful as it's been long (102 years).


Anonymous said...

A few years ago I saw some programmer from the mid-30s and there he was, Charles Lane, playing the same nasty curmudgeon he played his whole life.

Glad to hear he's still with us. Maybe it's like the old Mike Fink song from "Davy Crockett":

"Born too mean to die."

Unknown said...

He made a couple of curmudgeonly appearances on The Andy Griffith Show that I recall fondly.