Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stark House Update

2007 Schedule through May:
JIMBO/THE EDUCATION OF UNCLE PAUL by Algernon Blackwood -- 1933586133 -- $19.95 -- two mystical fantasy novels set in the world of children but written for adults. New intro by Mike Ashley, Blackwood's biographer.
PAN'S GARDEN / INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES by Algernon Blackwood -- 193358615x -- $19.95 -- pairs two story collections into one volume that were previously available as separate volumes. Includes the original introductions by Mike Ashley and Tim Lebbon.
A TRIO OF GOLD MEDALS: THE VENGEANCE MAN by Dan J. Marlowe / PARK AVENUE TRAMP by Fletcher Flora / THE PRETTIEST GIRL I EVER KILLED by Charles Runyon -- 1933586141 -- $23.95 -- three very different thrillers from the golden era of the paperback from one of its most prominant publishers, Gold Medal Books. New intros by Charles Kelly and Ed Gorman.
THE OLD BATTLE AXE / DARK POWER by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding -- 1933586168 -- $19.95 -- two marvelous novels of suspense, the latter being quite rare in that it only appeared in its complete form as a Vanguard Press hardback in 1930. Intro by Gregory Shepard.
UNDERGROUND / COLLECTED STORIES by Russell James -- 1933586176 -- $19.95 --James's first novel, a pitch-black noir never before published in the U.S., plus a collection of stories that have never been collected before. New intro by the author.
A SHOT IN THE DARK / SHELL GAME by Richard Powell -- 1933586184 -- $19.95 -- two charming mysteries by the author of The Young Philadelphians. Intro yet to be determined.

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