Monday, January 08, 2007

Bird Flu?

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.

iWon News - Bird Deaths Shut Down Downtown Austin

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Police shut down several blocks of businesses in the heart of downtown Austin early Monday after dozens birds were found dead in the street.

Experts were testing for any sort of environmental contaminant or gas or chlorine leaks that might of killed off the animals, police spokeswoman Toni Chovanetz said.

The carcasses were found overnight along Congress Avenue between Sixth and Eighth streets. There were no reports of any humans harmed, but the main north-south route through downtown, several side streets and all buildings in the area were blocked off and expected to remain closed until about noon, Chovanetz said.

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Anonymous said...

Sort of goes along with the mysterious gaseous miasma over NYC and Newark today...and if those folks noticed, you Know it was pungent.

Rantor said...

My prediction: do-it-yourself pest control. There was a rain of pigeons a few years ago in Austin at a medical office building that was later attributed to poison.

Unknown said...

I suspect you're right, Rantor. I wonder who the guilty party will turn out to be. Or if they'll ever find out.