Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Objective of Terrorism is to Create Terror

I think it's working. - Suspicious Package Sent To Clinton: Box Of Cookies: "(CBS/AP) WESTCHESTER, N.Y. A Westchester post office was evacuated as police, Secret Service agents and the Westchester County Bomb Squad responded to a suspicious package addressed to former President Bill Clinton. It turned out to be a package of cookies.

Postal officials at the New Castle Post Office discovered a suspicious package addressed to the former president yesterday morning. The 3-foot by 3-foot box had an express mail packing label but didn't have the correct address of the Clintons' Chappaqua home.

After the Post Office was evacuated, a member of the county's bomb squad, dressed in protective gear, approached the package and checked it with a portable x-ray device. After no bomb parts were seen, the package was opened, revealing the cookies.

The cookies were then turned over to the Secret Service and the post office was re-opened. "

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