Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Full Blown Sex"?

Another one worth reading in its entirety, though the "full blown sex" is the best line in the article. Reporters just wanna have fun.

San Bernardino County Sun - Sex act at club related: "SAN BERNARDINO - In a day jammed with salacious courtroom testimony, attorneys representing the city teased lurid details from investigators who said they observed - and engaged in - various sex acts for money at a local strip club.

At a hearing Wednesday in a case the city filed against the Flesh Club, three men hired by the city as private investigators told tales of aggressive groping, explicit propositions, and in one case full-blown sex with dancers at the Hospitality Lane business.

The proceedings in San Bernardino Superior Court were the latest installment in a long saga. City officials have tried to stamp out the club since 1995, and both sides have been dealt legal losses over that time. In the current case, attorneys hired by the city seek a court injunction that could shut down the club for one year and impose hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

To do so, they must prove that prostitution occurs at the club. The quest to close the club has cost the city at least $130,000 to date.

The sex divulged in Wednesday's testimony was never supposed to happen - one investigator said he lost control."

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