Friday, January 12, 2007

The Spider Roundtable

Diamond International Galleries presents... PULSE | Comic Books News, Reviews and Criticism:

The link is to a roundtable discussion of the new anthology of stories about The Spider. Sort of. You'll have to scroll down and click on the link on the Pulse homepage. "Just about all" the writers are included in the discussion. Guess who's not there. I'm sure the cover will have all these names on the front along with the usual "and many others." I remember that Jan Grape once said she was going to change her name to "Many Others." Maybe I should try that.


Anonymous said...

Well, here's a club we're both in, Bill! The issue of TOMORROW SPECULATIVE FICTION with my vignette "Bedtime," April 1994, had an unusual cover format since it ran one of Jacek Yerka's paintings to go with the Harlan Ellison vignette, "Attack at Dawn," from their collaborative project. Every other fiction contributor in that issue is named on the cover...the illustrators and I are the Others (my vignette was added to the issue at the last minute). Anticipating LOST, perhaps.

Unknown said...

I can't find my issues of Tomorrow, for some reason. I maybe have given them to Texas A&M. Or they could be in boxes.