Monday, January 08, 2007

For Those Who Like Lists

Here's a whole bunch of 'em. And I'll bet Richard Schickel's the only guy who puts District B-13 on a ten-best list all year.

TIME 25 Top Ten List 2006: "It was an extraordinary year for breakout shows and showbiz breakups, for hot business deals and shady business dealings, and for the queens of film and fools of sport.

From head butts to heart-wrenching performances, we rank the best and boldest of 2006 for film, TV, music, sports, news, scandals and more."


Ray Banks said...

Hey, there was nothing wrong with District 13. It kicks The Transporter 2's arse.

Unknown said...

I agree. (Click the link in the post for my take on District B13.) I just doubt that anybody will put it on a "best" list.

Vince said...

I came close to putting it on mine. Nobody does action films like Luc Besson, whose fine body of work includes Transporter 2. (If I could figure out how to include a photo of your favorite nurse from that movie, Bill, I'd do it.)

Unknown said...

I still think she should have won some kind of award.