Monday, December 04, 2006

The Dude Rules!

CULT OF THE DUDE By TAL PINCHEVSKY - New York Post Online Edition: Seven: "December 3, 2006 -- IN film circles, the term 'cult classic' often gets thrown around liberally. Maybe a movie inspires a generous online message board or even a drinking game. Then there's 'The Big Lebowski.'

The 1998 Coen brothers film has such a rabid underground following that it's managed to inspire an online Church of the Latter-Day Dude, a speaking tour featuring Jeff 'the Dude' Dowd (the independent film consultant credited with inspiring the film's main character), an online petition calling for Jeff Bridges (the film's star) to run for president in 2008, and, oh yeah, a drinking game.

But perhaps the greatest display of obsessive behavior from Lebowski lovers is Lebowski Fest. A multiple-day event where fans come together across the country to pay homage to the object of their cinematic affection."


Brett Battles said...

Jeff "the Dude" Dowd used to live on the same street as me. Swear to God. And this was right after The Big L came out.

It was always weird to see the Dude walking down the street pushing one of those jogging baby carriages (he'd just become a dad, I believe), but he wasn't running.

Strange, strange world

Bill said...

Now that's very cool.