Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Issue of Mysterical-E is Up and Ready

One one the longer-lasting mystery e-zines. Here's the link and the short-story line-up. Check it out.

"Sometimes Boring is Good by Jan Christensen

Easy Mark J. Alan Brown
Bones of Contention by Charles Schaeffer
In The Garden of the Gods by Fleur Bradley
Krung Thep by Scott Robinson
Majestic-12 by Gay Toltl Kinman
Poochie's Progress by Luc Beaubois
The Perfect Gift by Suzanne Berube Rorhus
Repaid Debts by Sandra Seamans
The Root of the Matter by Bob Liter
A Signature in Blood by Annette Dashofy
Small Town Secrets by Pam Skochinski
Stranger in Town by Jonette Stabbert
Criminal Conundrum by Daniel B. Young
When It Went Wrong by Patrick Reed"

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Joe de Marco said...

Hey -- Thanks for the mention of Mysterical-E -- you're right, we've been around for quite some time. I hope your readers enjoy the issue.