Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Issue of Crime and Suspense Now On-Line

There are a lot of e-zines that have new issues lately. Here's another one to check out. There's even a download of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar."

Our authors this month are Charles Schaeffer, Steve Haberlin, Jan Christensen, Nicole Alexander, Peggy Ehrhart, Stephen D. Rogers, Dan Devine and Jeremy Schneider. You can read more about all these authors in the Rogues' Gallery on the Crime and Suspense website. Almost everyone in the list is making their Crime and Suspense ezine debut in this issue, too!

Tony Burton tells his readers about the enjoyable Death Comes Too Soon by Patricia Harrington and Diane Grace delivers the deadly news about C.V. Herst's Dead Certain. And a new feature by Sunny Frazier starts this month, Coming Attractions!

As an added fillip to the mix this month, there is a radio episode of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" available for download.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Bill!

Thanks for the nice mention! And all of you who took a look at the December issue, come on by the main website and subscribe, so you will get the URL for each month's issue as it comes out. The subscription is free, too!