Sunday, December 03, 2006

Interesting Richard Stark Review/Essay by James Wolcott

Lots more at the link. This is the New York Times, so you have to be registered to read it.

Ask the Parrot By Richard Stark - Books - Review - New York Times: "In 1997, Donald E. Westlake — whose prodigious versatility in crime fiction makes the competition look like plow hands — dusted off his literary pseudonym Richard Stark and defrosted his antihero Parker for a knuckle sandwich aptly titled “Comeback.” It had been nearly a quarter-century since the last Parker outing (“Butcher’s Moon,” published back when Gerald Ford was president), but if any hood could survive literary limbo that long in the meat locker, it was this ageless, unnervable, packed-solid, viciously adaptable commando, whose presence is stamped on the page with an abstract force."

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Anonymous said...

I just finished "The Jugger" last night; I found one of the Mysterious Press reprints at a nearby library. It was quite good.

I was going to start on "Ask the Parrot" immediately but I have another book I need to finish first.