Monday, March 29, 2010


My sister e-mailed to tell me that I was on NPR this morning. That's news to me, but I guess it's possible. I never know where I'll turn up.


  1. Stephen B.3:08 PM

    Was it for a book, or an interview clip that was aired? How interesting...

    I hear NPR most of the day or at least when I'm in the car ...

  2. I suspect the clip was on my sister's local NPR station in Austin. Someone called me from Austin a few weeks ago about Erle Stanley Gardner. I didn't know that anything I said would be on the air. I thought he was just asking questions to fill out a report on the Gardner exhibit at The University of Texas being packed away.

  3. Next up: America's Most Wanted

    WV: woussese. a bunch of French wusses.

  4. Anonymous11:03 PM

    ESG ehbibit being packed up? That's awful! Did you run an item about this?. If so I miised it. A quick google didn't turn up any stories.
    Art Scott

  5. Oddly enough, the morning you were on NPR talking about Erle Stanley Garner I stopped in at my usual spot for bagels and saw a used-book-store-owner-friend of mine having breakfast, reading THE CASE OF THE LUCKY LEGS

  6. Art, I didn't run anything because I couldn't find anything. Apparently they decided it was time to pack it away after many years of having it on display. The interviewer may have told me why, but I can't remember. I believe one reason is that the building it was in is no longer in use as a library.