Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Erle Stanley Gardner Update: The Case of The Disappearing Exhibit

kut : Item | The Case of The Disappearing Exhibit: "A re-creation of the study used by the creator of Perry Mason is being removed.

On the fourth floor of the Flawn Academic Center on the UT campus, there’s a room that’s gone unchanged unchanged for almost 40 years. It’s the study used by mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner, which was moved from his home in California by the Harry Ransom Center. Now it’s being dismantled."

Photo and audio at the link. I have't listened because I probably sound like a goober.


  1. Ellen Nehr, Bob Briney, and I toured is wonderful room. Loved the entire layout!

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Not too gooberish, Bill. And unlike the reporter, you didn't use the phrase "back in the day", which drives me up the wall.

  3. The guy called me up and surprised me with his questions, so I was caught flat-footed. I'd have done better if I'd been prepared. I might even have said "back in the day."

  4. I never suspected you were related to Andy and old Goob. Until now.

  5. I like to think I'm more Barney than Goob.

  6. It's frustrating to me that Gardner seems to be fading. Most of the Perry Masons were written in a timeless fashion -- stick cell phones and computers in, and they would work fine.

    He was a much better writer than given credit for -- nobody wrote better courtroom scenes, and his dialogue crackles -- and Perry Mason (with help from Raymond Burr and the rest of that great cast) is a permanent part of the popular imagination.

    But are the books going away, like the desk/office at that thoughtless museum?

  7. Maybe the KINDLE or the iPAD will save ESG, Max. The Perry Mason novels are disappearing like John D. MacDonald's novels. Publishers just aren't interested in keeping these books in print.