Monday, August 10, 2009

Busted Flush Press: DAMN NEAR DEAD... the sequel!

Busted Flush Press: DAMN NEAR DEAD... the sequel!: "DAMN NEAR DEAD... the sequel!
In 2006, Busted Flush Press released its first original short story collection, Damn Near Dead (edited by Duane Swierczynski, introduction by James Crumley; 0-9767157-5-9; trade paperback original; $18). With 27 all-new 'geezer noir' tales by some of today's top writers -- including Laura Lippman, Stuart MacBride, Mark Billingham, John Harvey, Megan Abbott, Colin Cotterill, Ken Bruen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jeff Abbott, and many more -- DND went on to earn five award nominations and one win (for Bill Crider's 'Cranked'... read 'Cranked' for free here).

And now... a sequel is in the works!

Alvin, Texas, crime writer Bill Crider (whose DND story was an Edgar nominee!) returns to 'geezer noir,' this time as Damn Near Dead 2's editor. The anthology will debut at NoirCon (Nov. 4-7, 2010; Philadelphia, PA) with several of the contributors in attendance.
And just who are the contributors?? Well, stay tuned... Trust me, this will be quite a line-up!!"


  1. Damned Near Deader? More Damned, and more dead. I'm buying!

  2. Great news, Bill. My copy of DND has pretty much every contributor's signature but yours. I aim to rectify that with the next one.

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  4. Great news. That Crider fella is a fine writer and I think he'd make a damn fine editor. Congrats, Bill. Can I introduce you at the awards banquet? ... and without further ado... LOL

  5. That Cap'n Bob feller should be in it. If not as a writer, at least as a character.

  6. They're saving me for Death: The Final Frontier.

  7. rick Robinson9:55 AM

    Great news, I'm looking forward to it!

  8. As I wrote over at Busted Flush Press, best news I've heard all day.