Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

15 revamps that turned out better than expected


Unknown said...

I haven't seen most of these, and the fawning summaries remind me why. The best I can say for the '80s TWILIGHT ZONE series is that it wasn't as bad as the Spielberg movie.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Well, FARGO was mostly pretty good, with Season One better than that, but some of them? I don't think so.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

21 Jump Street was terrible. One Day At a Time was mediocre at best in it's first incarnation.
Fargo I like a lot.
Fred-Speilberg only directed one episode of the movie. The others were by John Landis and Joe Dante(whose episode was the best).

Unknown said...

Steve, you're right in terms of sharing the rap for directing, but it was an Amblin production, and Spielberg directed the insufferably "heartwarming" segment about the old folks home. Agree on 21 (and 22) Jump Street.

Todd Mason said...

The atrocious framing story desecration of Jerome Bixby in the film is also well beyond acceptable. Never have tried reading Robert Bloch's prosification of the film...William Goldman, apparently: "You can't wash garbage."

Even the UPN version of TZ wasn't worse than much of the film.

Stephen B. said...

(Melissa Matheson -> 'Josh Rogan' and Richard Matheson, veteran of suspense novels and the original TWILIGHT ZONE wrote for the film movie version):

directors were Spielberg, Dante and John Landis and George Miller. The "NIGHTMARE 20,000 FEET" and the Dante one certainly redeemed the movie.

[Plot bits from Matheson story ''LITTLE GIRL LOST'' were cribbed for the POLTERGEIST script, and there may be speculation that was why Matheson was asked/given the job to write for the movie version TWILIGHT ZONE.]


SB said...

-- Melissa MATHISON and Richard Matheson (was a typo; above)