Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Harvey Update

Harvey Update for early Tuesday: The rain stopped sometime last night, and I got only 4-1/2 inches. That makes 28-1/2 inches at least, but since the rain stopped, the ditches carried the water away, and I'm still dry. Not high yet, but the day is young. The wind is a good big higher than it's been, but a little wind is nothing to worry about. Maybe this is the tail end of Harvey, and if so, I'm glad to see it go.

Too many others haven't been as lucky as I am, and the Texas Gulf Coast won't recover for a long time. Texans are a resilient bunch, but this is a true catastrophe, maybe on the level with Katrina and Sandy. It's going to take quite a while just to evaluate the damage to property and to know how many lives have been lost. I've made a donation to my favorite disaster relief organization, but that seems a small thing. At least it's doing a little something, even if very little, to help.


Richard said...

So glad you're still above water, Bill! Thanks for the update--been wondering how it went yesterday.

Janis Gore said...

What is your favorite disaster relief org, Bill? I'll make a donation, too.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I'm glad to hear that things went OK for you and the VBKs!

Bill Crider said...

Janis, it's UMCOR. Should be a link on the blog if you scroll down far enough.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Glad that Hill Street lived up to its name, at least.

For once, I'm with Chris Christie. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Texas Congressional members voted AGAINST funding money for Sandy relief (F#ck New York and New Jersey, right?) and, as Christie predicted then, they are all here with their hands out now. Oh, and apparently they were following the defunding lead of Mike Pence, who wanted to make it "pay for itself" by cutting entitlements. I don't hear Pence saying that now, do you?

F#CK these @ssholes. No one is going to make the people of Texas suffer for the behavior of their Representatives, but everyone should be aware of what they did.

Bill Crider said...

Ted Cruz is the worst of that sorry lot.

And don't tell anybody, but Hill Street is named for a Confederate general. I don't want them to change the name and screw up my mail service.