Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The BFFs Who Ruled Silent Hollywood

The BFFs Who Ruled Silent Hollywood: Mary Pickford was America’s original sweetheart, the it “girl with the golden curls,” who became an international superstar playing plucky children filled with innocent wonder. Frances Marion was a patrician sophisticate, “just as beautiful as the stars she wrote for,” who was continually told that she was wasting her looks on writing. Together, they would become one of the powerhouse teams of silent Hollywood, pioneers leading the way through the Wild West of early film.


James Reasoner said...

When I was writing about my dad a couple of weeks ago, I didn't mention that at one time he knew Mary Pickford. He lived in Los Angeles for a while in the late Thirties and they attended the same church. Or so he always said. He was a storyteller, after all. But I don't see why he would have had any reason to make that up.

Unknown said...

That is very cool.