Saturday, February 20, 2016

Galaxy Science Fiction, March 1953: A Retro-Review

Galaxy Science Fiction, March 1953: A Retro-Review


George said...

I remember traveling to New York City with my family to attend the World's Fair. On that trip, I talked my cousin into taking me into the city to find a bookstore that sold science fiction magazines (I brought my Want List). And sure enough, I found the early GALAXY magazines I was looking for including this one. We returned with two shopping bags full of SF digits! Happy Day!

Walker Martin said...

I have many SF magazines that I like but my favorite is GALAXY. I still remember the thrill and sense of wonder when I bought my first copy at Hoscheck's Deli in Trenton, NJ. In February 1956 the distribution was great and practically every newsstand, deli, and drugstore carried GALAXY and the other crime and SF magazines.

Unknown said...

I bought the first volume of GALAXY by mail from some guy who advertised it in the back of another digest sometime in the middle '50s. An excellent purchase.

SteveHL said...

A couple of additional points about this issue:

•Willy Ley's For Your Information column in this issue concerns zoology, which is one of the subjects Ley covers best. This issue the column is principally about Tuataras. If that means as little to you as it did to me, you will likely enjoy this column.

• For some reason Ed Emshwiller's very Emshian illustrations for Horse Trader are uncredited. They are quite good, especially the last one.

I am in total agreement with the comments above about Galaxy. The early issues were wonderful. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep that quality up and Galaxy went through a long, sad decline until it finally succumbed in 1995.

Unknown said...

I really liked Emsh's work, and besides interiors, he did some great covers for GALAXY.