Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year, Everybody!

25 Vintage Photos Of Wild NYE Parties Of The Past


Jeff Meyerson said...

I would never go to Times Square on New Year's Eve these days, but then if you see the people being interviewed you won't see many New Yorkers there. We did it once, on December 31, 1968. We'd been to see PLAZA SUITE on Broadway, and when we came out just walked over with friends, got a decent spot, and waited for midnight. It wasn't necessary to show up 12-18 hours in advance to get a spot and get penned in.

Then we went back to Brooklyn and went to a party. But now we're old and decrepit.

I really miss the old days.

Jeff Meyerson said...

One more NYE memory. In 1983 we had matinee tickets to see 'NIGHT MOTHER on Broadway (starring Kathy Bates, by the way). We came out of the theater and were so depressed by what we'd seen that we didn't want to go home. Instead, we went over to the Beekman on 2nd Avenue and saw THE RIGHT STUFF, which put us in a lot better mood before we went home.

Unknown said...

Those are good memories. No wonder we miss the old days.