Sunday, December 13, 2015

Free for Kindle for a Limited Time Chase The Rabbit: Gretch Bayonne Action Adventure Series Book #1 eBook: Steven M. Thomas, Haans Peterson, Nick Russell: Kindle Store  From the barrooms of New York City, to the movie studios of Hollywood, Steven M. Thomas has crafted a tale of intrigue that captures the early 1930’s as freelance writer Gretch “Bay” Bayonne attempts to unravel the mystery of why a dedicated family man would abandon his life for no apparent reason. Along the way he encounters movies stars, Nazis, and newspaper tycoons, and barters a banana for a mysterious gold key stolen by a runaway monkey on a walkway atop the magnificent dirigible Graf Zeppelin. This first book in the Bay series is sure to grab readers from the first page and will not let go until the last!


Jeff Meyerson said...

1930s? A runaway monkey and a dirigible? I'm there.

Cap'n Bob said...

Sounds good and the price is unbeatable. I've ordered it.