Friday, September 25, 2015

Forgotten Hits: The Countdown Continues ... #50 - #26

Forgotten Hits: The Countdown Continues ... #50 - #26


Jeff Meyerson said...

I couldn't stand "Torn Between Two Lovers" back in 1977 and now it's just an embarrassing footnote. As for "One Bad Apple" by The Osmonds, the less said the better, other than that Donnie was pretty successful copying Michael Jackson.

I don't care what this list says, there is no way that Melanie song was a bigger hit than "Bridge Over Troubled Water" or "Let It Be" or probably a few others.


Don Coffin said...

Weaker overall, I thought, than 75-51. 32-26--except for the godawful Barry Manilow song--are all great pieces of music...and #26 is one of the subtlest dirty songs ever.

Don Coffin said...

And, Jeff, I agree it shouldn't be rated this highly--but I still think it's a great song. What shocks me is that "Bridge..." and "Let It Be" are not in the top 10 from the 1970s.

Deb said...

From the sublime ("Bridge", "Let It Be") to the ridiculous ("One Bad Apple", "Brand New Key") and a lot of in-between. I entered the decade at 12, exited at 22, so a lot of life experiences are wrapped up in these songs, cheesy as some of them may be.