Friday, September 25, 2015

Country Musicians Whose Lives Had the Makings of a Tragic Country Ballad

Country Musicians Whose Lives Had the Makings of a Tragic Country Ballad 


Patrick Murtha said...

What, no Mindy McCready? The woman who had an affair with Roger Clemens starting in her teens, had a sex tape leaked, was arrested for drugs, DUI, and battery, went through several overdoses and suicide attempts, appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew, had the father of her second out-of-wedlock child kill himself at her home, had both her children taken from her by the authorities, and eventually succeeded in killing herself after shooting her dog first? Oh yes, and she had some hit records.

mybillcrider said...

A serious omission.

Jeff Meyerson said...

They did hit most of the highlights, though certainly McCready deserves a mention.

And surely Tanya Tucker should be in there somewhere.


Deb said...

What about Loretta Lynn? Appalachian coalminer's daughter; married at 13; four kids before she was 20; long and difficult marriage to an unfaithful alcoholic; stalker fans; lost best friend Patsy Cline to a plane crash; mental health issues. Can't believe they missed her-- although she did write a number of unflinching songs about herself.

Unknown said...

I don't suppose you're familiar with the Howard Tate composition,

but I long cherished the notion of doing a raucous soul song, "E.B. White but he be Strunky."