Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Second Day of Bookmas

The contest at BookEnds continues. Mystery fans should get this one pretty quickly, depending on the clues. Yesterday's contest ended almost before it began. Almost any clue I give will be too easy, but it'll be at the end of this post. Go to the link if you know the answer and leave the answer in the comments.

You probably won’t be all that surprised to learn that my very first job was at a store called BookLand. I’d spent several years volunteering at my school library and was already a complete bookworm — some things never change. We sold books and magazines there, along with lots and lots and lots of lottery tickets. Some days were busier than others, and I often found myself with some extra time between customers to read.

I usually gravitated toward romantic suspense and gothics, but while stocking the shelves and getting to know the store’s inventory, I became intrigued with a mystery series that I’d also watched on the small screen. It wasn’t my usual fare, but I was hooked.

Can you name the series and the author?

My clue: Endless reruns.


Raymond Zinsius said...

Robert B Parker Spencer series?

Unknown said...

It was Perry Mason.