Friday, December 03, 2010

Elaine Kaufman, R. I. P.

I'm sure Stone Barrington will attend the funeral.

Elaine Kaufman, Owner of Famed New York Writer's Den, Elaine's, Dies - "For nearly a half-century she presided over one of Manhattan's greatest watering holes.

Elaine Kaufman, who died Friday at age 81, was owner of Elaine's, the legendary hangout for writers, artists, prize-fighters and everybody who wanted to be anybody—or catch a glimpse of those who were.

Her list of regulars over the years included Woody Allen, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton and dozens more who need little introduction. Ms. Kaufman befriended her customers and even fed them for free when they were down and out."


Anonymous said...

Bill, I thought of Stone Barrington too! I'm sure Elaine was great to be around if you were one of the select (or do I mean 'elect'?) but for the rest of us peons, not so much.



Unknown said...

I'm betting this rates a mention in a forthcoming book, though I won't be reading it.