Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Garfunkel's Library

Art Garfunkel is a listmaker. Here's his library, which includes lists of all the books he's read since 1968, along with the date he read it, date of publication, and number of pages.

And you guessed it: It's another list I'm not on.
Link via Neatorama.


Anonymous said...

Well, clearly the man has gaps in his reading yet to fill if he doesn't have any Criders.

Thanks for the link. I'd seen this a while back but lost track of it.

And of course, many of us have read a lot more books than old Artie over that span. My own list has everything I've read since May of 1975 plus as many as I could remember from earlier years when I started keeping the list. It's over 5000 fiction and 1100 non fiction at last count.

And it definitely includes Criders, 47 to be exact.


Unknown said...

Yours is a far superior list. I wish I'd kept a list!

Anonymous said...

Use your powerful memory to recreate it, Bill. Anyway, it would be easier to list what you haven't read, since you've read almost everything!


Deb said...

It almost reads like a college syllabus--it seems as if he's read nothing "downscale" or out of the classics curriculum.

On the other hand, I had to smile when I saw him and Paul sitting behind home plate at a Yankees game last season.