Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Another List I'm Not On

Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, 'Jersey Shore' cast on this year's Most Fascinating People list


Anonymous said...

You should be pleased you aren't on Baba Wawa's list, Bill.

Babs and her show well past their sell-by date, as they say in Britain. Time to hang it up.


Mike Dennis said...

Bill, I don't know who would want to be on the same list with Justin Bieber and Snooki. You might want to check a blog I wrote on her and the rest of them (Jersey Shore cast) on my website:

Unknown said...

A good post, Mike, and I have to agree!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mike. Maybe they can bring back the old American Express "do you know me?" ad series.

"Do you know me? I used to be Snooki. What do you mean, Snooki who you mother$*%&%."


I doubt that $500,000 figure can be anywhere close to real. As much distaste as I have for them and the whole "reality show" concept I hope for their sakes that they are saving their money now (but I doubt it highly).


Deb said...

The only thing I find fascinating about the list is that anyone anywhere finds any of the people on it fascinating.

Mike Dennis said...

You just know they're not saving their money. They think it will flow in forever and they will be forever fabulous.

That is a good idea, though, about bringing back those American Express commercials.