Sunday, November 28, 2010

John Steakley, R. I. P.

John Steakley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "John William Steakley, Jr. (born July 26, 1951, in Cleburne, Texas, died November 27, 2010, in McKinney, Texas)[1] was an American author, best known for his science fiction writing. He has written two major novels, Armor (1984)[2] and Vampire$ (1990), the latter of which became the basis for John Carpenter's Vampires movie.[3] He has also written four short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres.[4]"

Hat tip to SF Signal.


Vince said...

Sad news. Steakley was the first novelist I ever met, at a convention I attended when I was in high school.

Unknown said...

I met him at Con DFW. He was a nice guy.