Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Comment Department

Amazon's amateur book-reviewing becomes vicious free-for-all with readers the victims | Mail Online: "This has led PR firms to provide favourable reviews of new books, at a price.

Nathan Barker, of Reputation 24/7, offers a service starting at £5,000.

He said: ‘First we set up accounts. For a romance novel we’d pick seven female profiles and three males.

‘We’d say we like this book but add a tiny bit of criticism and compare it to another book.’

Mr Barker claims this is common practice among publishers."


Deb said...

It is for this reason that I NEVER read Amazon comments for a book I'm thinking about reading. Once I've read the book, I'll occasionally see what other readers have thought about it; but I've always thought those comments had a whiff of the con about them.

Undine said...
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Undine said...

Sorry about the above glitch.

Truly, is this a surprise to anyone familiar with Amazon?

I remember a few years ago, Amazon's "screen-name" shield temporarily went nuts, and all the book reviews showed the real names of reviewers for a few hours.

There was much embarrassment when it revealed that very many rave reviews of various books were posted by the authors themselves.