Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lawrence Block Update

I highly recommend clicking the link and reading the entire thing. - Earl Kemp: eI53 - e*I* Vol. 9 No. 6: "Let me plunge right in. I’ve recently inked a deal with an e–book publisher, Open Road Media, and by the year’s end they’ll be bringing out forty backlist titles of mine in that medium. Included are the five early crime novels recently reissued by Hard Case Crime, along with all the other out–of–print crime fiction I published under my own name, or under the now–transparent pen names of Chip Harrison and Paul Kavanagh.

But that’s not all. They’ll also be reissuing the seven books I wrote as Jill Emerson, my very first novel (Strange Are the Ways of Love, by Lesley Evans), a romantic espionage novel nobody knows I wrote (Passport to Peril, by Anne Campbell Clark), and a couple of books each by Sheldon Lord and Andrew Shaw.

Toward that end, I volunteered to write afterwords or end notes for each book, and that’s been an interesting couple of weeks’ work."


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's cool. I guess I'll have to look into these after all.


George said...

I hope this trend continues. The goal should be to make ALL BOOKS available in ebook format.