Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Twelve Days of Bookmas -- Day 6 #12daysbooks

Don't forget about the big contest at BookEnds. If you know the answer, click on the link and leave your answer in the comments to win free books. Or just click on the link to show the agents that I'm a power in the blogosphere. Here's today's puzzle, followed by my clue.

You learned in my last post that I spent my college internship at Berkley Publishing. Well, about a year later I was working at Dorchester Publishing when a Berkley editor called to tell me an editorial assistant position had opened up there. After interviewing with the two senior editors I’d be working with and writing a few reader reports they offered me the job! I would be working with Berkley’s two “boy book” editors. I learned a lot from those guys and they always kept things fun and interesting.

Soon after one of them would leave editing to become an agent and he became a great source of advice all over again when I decided to “go to the dark side” myself. The other is now an editor at a different house and he and I’ve had more opportunities to work together in an agent/editor capacity. They both have taught me a lot about publishing and I’ll always be grateful to them for giving me my first job at a big publishing house.

My clue: Wolf man's dad. And westerns. Lots of westerns.

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