Monday, December 06, 2010

No Joke

Priest, rabbi and monk bless 'cursed' burger joint - "A catholic priest, rabbi and Buddhist monk walked into a new burger joint in Chelsea today to bless the place.

The Buddhist monk turned to the priest and said, “This is my first time blessing a burger joint.” The priest doesn’t say much, just sprinkles some holy water, but the rabbi said, “The last restaurant I did was a hot dog joint in New Jersey.”


The religious men gathered to try to break a curse on 470 W. 23rd St., the new home of New York Burger Co.’s third franchise. Over the years, about ha
lf a dozen restaurants have opened and quickly closed there."

Hat tip to Art Scott.


Seepy Benton said...

Buddha went to a hot dog vendor and said, "Make me one with everything!" When Buddha asked the hot dog vendor for change, the vendor said, "Change comes from within."

Anonymous said...

Saw that on the news last night. If it works maybe we could get them to Bay Ridge as we have 2-3 spots where places open and close repeatedly.