Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Something to Look Forward to in the New Year


Anonymous said...

Great cover!

Can't wait.


Gerard said...

I agree with Jeff. Great cover.

You should put together a photo collection of all the Rhodes covers over the years. They have changed quite a bit along with the styles of the time.

pattinase (abbott) said...

You amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Right Bill - start with the one with your bare arm in the muscle shirt.


Tom Roberts said...

The case of the reoccurring hogs?

Or is that not the most obvious case of swine flew you've ever seen?

Clearview has it's own cast of eccentric characters which are a delight as they resurface in each new adventure.

Evidence would indicate these are the same evil hogs that terrified the community of Clearview (and Sheriff Dan Rhodes) in A TIME TO KILL and A MAMMOTH MYSTERY.

I would like to propose that the Clearview City Council consider and pass a bill to hire Billy the Exterminator from A & E to get rid of these beasts.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books

Cap'n Bob said...

A slot machine called Rich Little Piggies has a graphic of a flying pig very similar to this one. Can't wait to read your book, Bill.

Stephen B said...

Lord, if someone can't see a book jacket like that and not know instantly there's humor in your writing.

Okay, one to look foward to.

Love the image!

Benjie said...

Even if I didn't read every book ever written by the master of East Texas Mystery, I'd buy this one, just for the cover.